Please Note


The Jigokudani Yaen-koen is a facility for observation of monkeys in an environment kept as natural as possible. Therefore our facility is located in a mountain, far from town. Also we have no fences to seclude monkeys from us.

Please understand

  • Though the Jigokudani Yaen-koen is well known as the place where we can see bathing monkeys, it can only be seen during winter seasons. Bathing is a way to protect themselves from the extreme cold weather. Therefore they are reluctant to take a bath during other warm seasons. It is not always true that you can see bathing monkeys here.
  • Our facility is to provide the place for observation of monkeys’ ecology to everyone, not an Onsen (hot spring) facility for human bathing.
  • Bathing with monkeys is strictly prohibited in terms of health and hygiene as well as mental health.
  • For nature conservation, there are no paved roads inside and outside of the Yaen-koen. No wheel chairs and carts are accessible.
  • There are many steps and uneven surfaces inside and around the Yaen-koen so please watch your step.
  • Wear appropriate cloth and footwear, no high heels or sandals.
  • Many other living creatures are in this area; you must watch out for dangerous animals, insects and plants, such as poisonous snakes, bees or plants with prickles.
  • No food and drink services are available in the facility.
  • Although we do not have fixed holidays, we close the facility accordingly without notice due to bad weather, natural disaster, conditions of monkeys and so on.
  • Because monkeys are wild, (they are not farm animals) sometimes they do not come to the Yaen-koen even when it is open. Their behavior is irregular especially during autumn seasons.

Please remember for your safety

To guardians: Do not let go of your little child’s hand
No entrance: Unaccompanied children
No entrance: Drunken person
No pets are allowed. (Includes guide dog, hearing dog, partner dog and any kinds of animals) *Dogs are the natural enemy for monkeys
Do not approach, threaten or feed monkeys and any other animals living here
No drinking and eating inside and outside of the facility
No hunting or collecting of plants, animals, insects or anything; leave things as they are where you find them. Special permission is required if you need to take something from this area

Please remember that we are just visitors of monkeys’ ancient habitat in a mountain. Respect and protect all nature here please. Thank you very much for your understanding and compliance. We wish you a pleasant, memorable and rewarding observation time in the Jigokudani Yaen-koen.